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Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer

Revlon just recently released in their Colorstay line the Brow wax and Highlighter pen. I was so excited because I love love loveee Revlon's Brow Fantasy brow pencil and gel so I went out and picked this out as soon as I could. Compared to the Brow Fantasy
  • Instead of the Brow Gel it has a highlighter end, kind of like the MAC shadesticks

  • Both ends of the pen are automatic so there is no need to sharpen. Just twist till your heart's content!

  • the Pencil part contains more wax so if pressure is applied, it's gonna plaster your brow hair down, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. You just have to wiggle your eyebrows a little and it'll come back to life
Like the Brow fantasy
  • the pencil parts are waxy (Colorstay more so than Brow Fantasy)

  • Pretty long lasting power

  • you can purchase a lighter color and apply pressure to it to get the color you want

  • both ends are about half a pen long

The problem with this for me is that I love the brow gel in the Brow Fantasy, but I like the twist up method so much better than the pencil. I also love the highlighter part too! The highlighter is very soft and veratile so it should match all skin tones, and very blendable. SIGH if they came out with a brow pencil will the twist up brow wax and highlighter AND the gel, I would never touch another brand's brow pencil ever again. haha

  • The color intensity can be layered if you bought a color too light for you

  • No reddish tones

  • the Highlighter is gorgeous and very versatile, so it works with almost any skin tone

  • Tames brow hairs

  • Don't need to sharpen because it twists up

  • The cap is sturdier than the brow Fantasy one (I don't know how many of thsoe I've lost)
  • If too much pressure is applied your brow hairs can be plastered to your skin, but with time, or eyebrow wiggles, it'll come back to life

  • No brow gel :(

  • Kind of bulky, but so is the Brow Fantasy one
Repurchase? HECK YES. Right now I'm interchanging it with the old one bceause I love the brow gel but I also like the Highlighter. But in the future between the two I think I would probably repurchase this one rather than the other because of the non-sharpening aspect. Not to mention the brow gel tends to last a long time so I could just grab that half of the brow fantasy if I've already used up the pencil part :D HG HG!

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