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Today is a very sad day.

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Today might possibly be the saddest day I've felt in a while. This is not a makeup related post so for those who want to read something makeup related, please skip this post.

I know I sound like a crazy fangirl when I say this but my heart literally broke when I heard that Park Jaebeom quit 2pm. Go ahead, call me a crazy fan girl. I don't care. He was the only celebrity that I really liked. Everyone else was just a passing blur. I never once stopped to look them up on wikipedia like I did with Jaebeom. He was my favorite and always will be despite him now being a star of the past.

I'm incredibly hurt and sad by the whole incident. Not of anything he said but of the way everyone acted. For the first time, I was embarassed. I was embarassed of Korean culture and how everything works over there. I was dissapointed that antis and bashing celebrities to that extent was "normal". I knew that they were bad, but to this extent? I know they're a different culture that Americans but really? Is that how your parents raised you to be? Your parents raised you to bash on others and act like you have no faults? I know certainly well that's not how MY parents raised ME.

By this time, I think I've learned to support his decision in leaving. Let him live the life that he wants to live. It still makes me sad that there are people in the world who will go to that extent to ruin people's lives. Really, what gives them the right to do that? I really don't understand and hopefully I never will.

All I know is that I'll support his decision and root for him despite whatever he chooses to do after this. For me, 2pm will never be the same.

Jaebeom, Live your life to the fullest. Walk forward, to the life you want to live, and don't look back.

---END fangirl moment.

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hey dear~ nice look =) the nyx shadow pencils, some people like to depot them to get all the product out because they are pretty difficult to sharpen, and also its more hygenic if you are using it on other people that way you don't need to apply the stick directly on other people's eyelids. For me personally I like to be able to use brushes with them.

(ex) lurker coming out of hiding -ps love your blog, super helpful!

i know what you mean.. i didn't even consider myself a fan until that day -i was at work when i found out on my google reader (sneaking a few minutes), and couldn't believe what i read. i didn't imagine that it would escalate to that in such a short time span, much less him having to leave the country. its just so incredibly sad and unfair that a mistake from the past could ruin such a bright future. but anyways.. i just hope he can be happy again, whatever he does, wherever he is.

Dude, I am 2PM lover too!!! Leadja should have never left, I was really heartbroken although I really think the other 6 are awesome enough to carry on but it's just never the same without Jay.

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