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Black Friday Haul.

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How was everyone's Thanksgiving and Black Friday?? :)

Oh man, I expected to get more on black friday, but the rush always scares me....and the vicious old ladies with shopping carts. Every year I always ALMOST get trampled repeatedly by them. Oh the horror.

I only went to one place for the morning sales, nothing makeup related to buy at Target. I nearly got ran over for a $3 coffee maker for my brother, while he waited for me 5 isles away, fully hidden from the vicious crowd of rabid old ladies fighting for the cheapies. We left Target with only 2 coffee makers and a George Foreman Grill (which I LOVE btw, makes grilling/cooking so much easier for the cooking lazy).

Later in the day I went to Sephora to get the Kat von D bag, no pictures of it right now, but I'll post it later :)

I'm surprised I only left with one thing, which is the Sephora Holiday Magic-Palette in silver. I also got a beauty insider gift, the philosophy moisturizer sample. OMG I have to say that shit smells like CRAP. I can't bear to use it because of the horrendous smell! And I can tolerate smell pretty well unlike some people. I need to chuck it somewhere, where I can't smell it! What a waste of 100pts.

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