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Herbal Essences: Long Term Relationship Leave-In Split End Protector Review

Product: 5 of 5
Quality: 5 of 5
Price: 4 of 5 (considering it's a drugstore brand)
-$4ish dollars
Overall: 5 of 5

So I grabbed this on friday, looking for something that would un-grease my hair (I don't know why I picked this up instead of baby powder lol). It wasn't until in the car I realized that this was not the spray conditioners that I normally use, I'm pretty stupid lol. But I still used it because since I've permed, bleached and dyed my hair, any type of conditioner would help lots. So I opened it and pumped about 2 pump fulls in my hair, only then to realized that I had pumped wayyyy too much. The leave in conditioner came out as a milky pink cream that smelled of candy, raspberries specifically (YUMM!). I rubbed it all over my hair, carefully avoiding my roots because they were already greasy, focusing on my split ends. At first the conditioner seemed to have a greasy effect on my hair. You know when you first put some type of cream/lotion formed solution in your hair? It had that kind of feeling, and my hair started to glop together in to little chunks. But the more I rubbed it in the softer it made my hair feel. And when I left it alone lookin a little chunky the product sank into my hair and I have no idea when but the last time I touched my hair it was silky smooth and definetly NOT chunky. My hair, especially my ends felt extremely soft! That is a huge feat taken how damaged my hair is. I absolutely love the smell of this product. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED! :)

The best part is that you can use this product on both wet or dry hair! Which many other leave in conditioning products tell you differently. But yeah for the price this is a really really good product!

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