“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”

My top 5 Cosmetic Pet Peeves

  1. EYEBROWS : This is number one on my list, mainly because people now a days take eyebrows for granted. Honestly I believe eyebrows can make or break a look. Without great eyebrows, you're makeup won't be as vibrant and uniform as it should be. In my opinion great eyebrows can define certain facial structures and enhance the eyes, making them pop a little more. It's a little hard to explain but future post coming up aaaalllllll about eyebrows just because it bothers me so much when people have bad or untamed eyebrows
  2. Caked on Foundation : Oh my lordie. I remember in high school the preppy girls would order foundation by the case and bring a new bottle everyday to school because they layered on so much foundation. Okay I'm exaggerating, but still. Even now, when I drive my brother to school I'll see a girl with foundation that's on so thick on her face that it looks like a flesh toned piece of paper mache...even from half a mile away. I swear her face would be 2 inches smaller without that much foundation. HONESTY kids, you are NOT supposed to suffocate your skin by slapping on an inch of foundation. Foundation is not meant to be used to cover up every imperfection. Do you even know how everyone can tell how much foundation you're wearing?? First of all, you are all one color. If someone put a piece of skin colored paper to your face, yeap you almost match except for the eyes. AND AND AND, when you furrow your brows or raise your eyebrows, that leaves a semi permenant crease on your forehead and between the eyebrows...yeap that's not leaving until you take off your makeup. FOR GODS SAKE LET YOUR SKIN BREATH YOUNGIN
  3. Cracked lips : Please, use some chapstick. OUCH, doesn't it crack and bleed and then sting? splotchy red and pink lips are not pretty
  4. Smudged eyeliner : Can we say raccoon??
  5. Fake Bakes : ARGH, same thing with number 2. There are two types, the ones that go the the tanning salon and use the spray on tan thing and ones that cake on bronzer. YO, please stop hurting my eyes with your uniformed dirt or orange colored face. Stop overbaking yourself...PLEASE!!
I'm a tad bit mean, but really. When I see people with these cosmetic don'ts....I really really want to tell them for their own sake and my own sanity. :(

I'm not a complete bitch...I promise :)

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