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Product Review: Cover Girl Lash Blast LUXE

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Cover Girl Lash Blast LUXE
The blackest-black LashBlast formula, now tinted with luxe shimmers. The giant
Luxe brush helps blast lashes to their biggest, boldest, and most beautifully
shimmering. In 4 shades that are ready to match your every mood.

This is a branch off of Cover Girl's Lash Blast mascara. They say that they use the blackest-black formula, but personally it seems more like a subtle black to me just because of shimmers in there. This mascara comes in 4 different shades,
  • Black Platinum: Black with platinum shimmers
  • Black Cabernet: Black with browish shimmers
  • Black Royale: Black with navy blue shimmers
  • Black Emerald: Black with green shimmers

I originally purchased this at Target because they had a coupon for a free Cover Girl eyeshadow if you buy the LashBlast and I'd been eyeing this mascara ever since it came out because it was a pretty pink color. It's supposed to be the same formula but I feel as if it's not just because it does not give the same volume that I see in the original. It doesn't seem to volumize as much, but I does and it's obvious, just not as much as the original. And there's no waterproof formula out yet. The formula also seems to be much dryer than the original. And personally I don't see those subtle hints of color. Even up close I don't really see it. OH WAIT, I caught a glimpse of it after staring into the mirror at the swipe of mascara on my hand for about 30minutes. Boo.

Okay, okay so it's not as bad as I said it was. Instead of blacest black it's more like blackish green, the one that I have at least. Despite what I said the Lash blast collection is still a very good line of mascaras. I just personally prefer the original over the Luxe


  • Does give alot of volume and length (just not as much as original)
  • Does not clump


  • Dryer formula
  • Color/shimmer does not stand out enough
  • Glitter gets in eye sometimes and it HURTS LIKE NONE OTHER

Repurchase?? Maybe. It depends on my mood and if there's a sale. I like the original better though. The "subtle hints of color" are too subtle for me. But if I want a really subtle change....or a non waterproof mascara (I have the original in waterproof formula) I'll reach for this. :)

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