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2nd E.L.F. Haul! YAY

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So my second ELF haul came in today. YAY Comepletely made my day. This is my studio line order. I already have a post on what products I bought, but here's a picture of my haul. I'm most definetly going to do indept review on the products, but from first impression......let's just say I'm SUPER IMPRESSED. hehe. I have pictures of everything in a compact. I'll put that up tomorrow with the names of the products and what shades :)*I forgot to include the new face kabuki boo.

Hope everyone had a good tuesday and btw, today is the release of G-Dragon's Solo Album, Heartbreaker (and his Birthday!). It's a friggen amazing album and the publicity stunt that they pulled with the Plagarism scare with Flo-Rida's Right Round is INGENIOUS. As expected from Big Bang's leader. ALTHOUGH lol, I expected the album art to be much better and less creepy. haha but that's just me.

Have a good one everyone! :)

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I made an ELF studio order, too! SO EXCITED to get it. I'll be waiting for your review!
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ha! you hauled major! i am super super super pissed that i can't order from the US website..just coz i'm located in asia right now!!!

How do you find the ELF wipes?

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