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Sandra Park KISS MV/CASS CF Inspired tutorial

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YAYYYYY. Finally a long awaited tutorial. It literally took me forever and a day to finish this. But now that I've found what works for me when making tutorials, expect alot more in the future :)

ANYWAYS. As you all know I've been really into Sandra Park's KISS MV otherwise known as the CASS CF. I lovvveeeee how fierce she looked and how spunky her character was. So I decided to recreate it. I didn't really do the fauxhawk but it kinds looks like it. haha But I was actually just getting my bangs out of my face. And since I couldn't find my hair clips (don't you hate how they always dissapear??) I improvised and used my Bump-it. haha it worked pretty well too! But yes yes, I don't look anything like Sandra Park but this is the looks that I came up with that I felt looked the closest to her look in the MV/CF. Hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know! :)

Dang....I started labeling them wrong here -_____-
let's just say.......Step 7 is BLEND?? haha...sigh.


Thanks for reading! :)
Let me know what you guys think<3

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That was helpful, thanks! :)

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