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Everyday FOTD + little update

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Ahhhh, sorry sorry! I haven't been updating as often as I hope I would. I miss blogging. But exams and work are literally kicking me in the bumhole. So much studying. I should be studying right now but I miss you guys! So I'm blogging instead of studying haha. ANYWAYS, this is just a quick FOTD. I have a September Favorites coming up! YAY :)

Anyways this is the look I've been wearing for the past week. Nothing exciting. But I've been getting used to wearing falsies (slowly!) At least now I don't yank out my eyelashes. haha Slowly, practice makes perfect. Anyways. yeap yeap. Just a simple Brown/Coppery neutral everyday look.

**Sorry if I look sad in these pictures. I had an exam coming up and I was just burnt out! Sigh. Too much studying warps my brain. And sorry my inner corner of my eye is red! I have a bad habit of scratching that area (eyeboogers!) Haha that's why no inner corner highlight ever stays on. :(

Products Used
IPKN Blemish Balm Plus with Yerba Mate
ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten
Revlon Colorstay Quad in Copper Spice
Lancome Brow Pencil in taupe
Loreal Carbon Black Liquid Liner
Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
Red Cherry False Eyelashes in #213

Palmers Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick

Thanks for reading lovelies! I promise I'll update more often! :)

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honestly, I can't even tell you're wearing falsies at all-- they look so naturally great on you!

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