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It's that time of the month....

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Hello lovelies!

No, not THAT time of the month silly. I know it's 4:11 in the morning but get your mind out of the gutter. haha Just kidding. MY mind's in the gutter. There's too much study to be done and did. My brain's not working correctly. I haven't pulled an all nighter in FOREVER, I think that last time I even ATTEMPTED was last year and, mind you when I say ATTEMPTED, I mean tried to stay up past 12, but ended up conking out 30min later. Yeah, I'm THAT weaksauce. That's why I need to study ahead of time. Sure, call me an old grandma but I literally DON'T function correctly for the next 1-2weeks from messing up my sleep sched. I lose/gain weight like crazy, I do/don't eat, and I my insomnia comes back. It really varies on how stressed I am. I feel like I haven't blogged in FOREVER, I finally got my camera back but I haven't had time to edit them so pictures have been piling up. I finally managed to transfer them but no edits :(

Sorry girlies. Anyways I'm pulling my first all-nighter in a year, for those that have done it, how do you do it? Coffee and food make me sleepy, energy drinks work once then wear off (not to mention I hate the gross feeling in my mouth and throat from the excess sugar. yeck) It's a miracle I've stayed up this long.

Let me know! I'll be updating by the end of this week! Thanks for staying with me for so long :)
Here are some pictures to show you how I'm doing.....and my awkward studying habits >___>

Thai instant coffee only works if I drink it once in a while. (like every 3months >.<) Cup made by BFF Janettttt from back in the day.

When I get tired of studying I paint a layer of nail polish then while it dried I go back to studying and so on. This is probably the only time I ever really paint my nails haha. SIGH. They're not that great but it helps me study....kinda haha

CSI, Thai Instant Coffee, Anat. Lab Guide, Anat. Lab Text

Thanks again for sticking with me lovelies! :)

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that cup is pretty cool. whoever made it seems supahhh awesome!


aww i hope you feel better. anyways that mug is fab! =]

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