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Bodybugg...WHHHAAATTTT??? & New Year's Resolution

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Hi ladies! Sorry, I know this isn't beauty related, well kind of if you are like me and prefer to stretch the subject haha.

Anyways same old excuse, I've been swamped with work. Yes I'm supposed to be on break but.......I'm still working full time and am even taking an online course. Crazy I know. Oh the pains I force upon myself. I swear one part of my brain is like a super strict nagging asian mother and the other is a nerdy little kid. Where is the fun in that!?

So as I was saying, before I'm off to do my homework (I PROMISE I WILL POST MORE OFTEN. I WILL NOT FLAKE ON YOU GUYS! I WILL NOT FLAKE!), I just wanted to let you guys know that my new little toy, the Bodybugg, just came in. I got it for about 179.99 at Costco. If you guys are interested I highly suggest you get it there because that has by far the best deal I have seen online and trust me, I've been looking for a good deal for this little buggy for so long! I'm going to do a more indepth review on it later on but I'll give you the specs right now.

WHAT IS IT? This cute little machine pretty much measures how many calories your body is burning.

HOW DOES IT WORK? How it measures the calories is by tracking physical movements and expenditures. What it does is basically measure your heat fluxuations, skin conductivity, and body temperature. On the back side of the bodybugg there are thin metal plates that stay in contact with your skin throughout the day and measures all three of these things and thus calculates how many calories burned.

There are a few pros and cons but I'll leave that for later.


New Years resolution! I know I'm super late and behind with not just with life but especially with blogging! I'm sorry for that! So, I compiled a list of things for my new years resolution. I'm determined not to forget them after january! haha which always seems to happen every year
  1. Be healthy: Not just with losing weight but also eating and excercising wise. I've been terrible at keeping consistent my workouts. I cannot seem to wake up early enough for them. But I'm resolving to change that
  2. Save up money: I find myself year after year dropping mad bank on things I don't need and wont use *COUGHsomemakeupCOUGH* But this year I'm hoping to save some money by not buying TOO much make up
  3. Project 10 pan! I want to get through this! I have too much makeup and I feel like I need to finish some things before I buy more or else I'm going to go overboard
  4. Study hard. Self explanatory.
  5. BLOG BLOG BLOGGGGGG! I was consistent near the beginning of the summer but then it all stopped because I started packing things into my schedule. But now that people actually read me (I think! haha) I want to thank everyone for their support by giving them more interesting things to read about!
What are your New Year's resolutions?

Hope everyone had a great belated Christmas and New Years!

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Thank you for visiting my blog! :) I'll definitely review the masks I bought from Ulta.

I know what you mean about saving money. I seem to spend a lot on cosmetics too *sigh*... lol~ Hopefully, we both will save money when it comes to that.

By the way, do you go to Soompi? You look familiar or maybe I'm wrong... hehe~

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