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Simple Simple.

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Hello loves! So because of this acne product that I've been using (review to come!), my face has been super dry in addition to the horrible winter dryness, I haven't been wearing make up at all. The drying has gotten really bad to the point where the skin around my eyes are flaking too. I tried to control the flaking so nothing has been on my face lately except lotion and DEFINETLY not the acne product. The past few days have been better, I've been layering up on moisturizer with the few samples that I have because the one that I normally used would suddenly start peeling off my face and make me look like I have eczema on my face. Now that my skin slowly getting better I started putting on a little bit of eye make up because I get out of the gym too late to take the time to do my make up so it must be super light and simple. So it all comes down to the ESSENTIALS.
  1. Eyeliner: For me I found that a pencil liner is the quickest and simplest to use although I know the lasting factor is a down side. But I've been using Urban Decay's Liner in Zero and Bourbon and even though they don't last as long as I'd hope to they smudge a little bit, giving me a slight smokey eyed look.
  2. Mascara: LOTS AND LOTS OF MASCARA! I love mascara because you can wear it alone and it'll make your eyes pop so much so Mascara is an essential for me because it's so quick to use. My favorite at the moment are the Loreal Extra Collagen mascara and a Rimmel one, the one with the 3 balls (can't remember the name at the moment)
  3. Eyebrow Powder: I need this desperatly......that's all I have to say. The one that I'm using now, the application is meh, not as quick as I hoped it to be but what can I say? I need it despite how long it takes me to put on some eyebrows :(
That's pretty much all. No primer even though my eyelids are super oily, no foundation so my skin can breath and NOT flake off, no colorful eyeshadow, no time :(

This is the simple eyeliner look that I wore today. It's super duper simple. What I pretty much did was gently tight line my upper lash line to make my eyelashes look more fuller and define my eyes, then I lightly smudged the liner at the outer corner of my eye with the same pencil, but in slight dabbing motions and using that same motion I bring it half way into the lower lash line. Then just lots of mascara :)

Super simple but you can tell my eyes are more defined right? :)

What do you do for your simple looks?

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This happen to me before too, when I was using the wrong skincare product and my skin started to flake for weeks it was horrible :/

When I'm running late or mornings where I just want some extra sleeping time my simple look would just add one color shimmer eyeshadow, liner, mascara and maybe some concealer here and there and I'm out the door.

You're simple look looks nice on you! :) Whenever I don't have time, I go out with nothing on not even drawn my eyebrows... lol~ I guess I'm just lazy. :X

I thought you look familiar. I think you posted some tutorials on Soompi or I could be wrong... hehe~ You're a cutie pie! :)

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