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Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review

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There has been A LOT of hype and commotion about this foundation for the past few months. I finally saw the opportunity to grab one for me and the bestie when this foundation was BOGO at CVS. Originally this foundation is around $13.99 at CVS, it varies a little bit in different areas. I don't have the MUFE HD Foundation so I can't really compare them. I know in an earlier post I said that the color 003 SHELL was too light for me, but once I put it on it was fine. A little light at first but I believe after a few days of wear my skin got slightly lighter because of the SPF haha. Or my lighting was sucky and made me look dark.

The CLAIM: I couldn't find the claim on the official Revlon website but I found out that this foundation is supposed to officially release in March2010 but it's been popping up at various drugstores so here's the claim from ulta.com
Be camera ready with this Photo Ready Makeup SPF 20 by Revlon. Looks great no matter the setting or the lighting! Looking for that dewy glow? This lightweight, non-greasy foundation by Revlon goes on smooth to hide your imperfections. It has light coverage, but is buildable for a more full coverage. Contains sunscreen.

TRUE OR FALSE? There have been mixed reviews floating around but to be honest for me, this is a SUPER TRUE. I love the way this foundation makes me look. Despite the slight T-zone oiliness and the dry patch accentuation...I LOVE THIS.

Cost: Around $13.99 if not with BOGO
Coverage: Hands down medium coverage, not heavy and definitely not light coverage either

-Powder is not necessary because it dries to a nice satin finish
-Doesn't transfer that much
-Gives me a really nice "glowing" look
-Blends VERY easily
-It has a PUMP! woo~ No wasting foundation!

-Limited Color selection
-The sparkles become more visible on dry skin
-Kind of pricey if you don't get it on a BOGO
-If you have dry skin, fine lines or wrinkles it's going to accentuate it even more.
-Makes T-Zone a little more oily than usual
-Revlon's SPF CAN make you look a little pasty in photos with heavy flash. I was about 2-3 shades lighter when the camera's flash was too close.

Can click for larger images :)
I really really like this foundation. Although this doesn't last THAT long for me (but still pretty well taken how bipolar my skin is) on my T-Zone and my dry patches, the finish is GORGEOUS. You can tell in my before picture that I have a lot of acne scars, but in the after picture they're very faint and it looks close to flawless because of the glowy finish. For me, I can definetly tell that there are sparkles in this foundation if you look at it closely but once you blend it onto your skin the finished results is absolutely gorgeous. I didn't look greasy, I didn't look like a disco ball, I looked like I was GLOWING....seriously. Although my nose/T-zone area still gets slightly greasy after a few hours I just pat some powder over it and I'm all good for another few hours. I've gotten so many complements on my skin and trust me, that's not something I would get comments on very often. This is definitely going to be a favorite for me.

WHO SHOULD GET THIS? Anyone with well hydrated skin because it DOES accentuate dry spots but it should be fine as long as you exfoliate daily and moisturize your skin very well. Also anyone who loves the flawless glowy look (although keep in mind if you have problematic skin or lots of acne scars this is not a miracle product).

Would I Recommend and Repurchase?? HECK YES. This MIGHT become my HG :)

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wow now i wanna try this

Bring mine on Saturday!!! :)

wow very beautiful makeup :)

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