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Make Up Challenge: Winter Wonderland

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Arghh, I hate snow. I've been snowed in for the past, almost week or so and it's been driving me insane. The DC Metro area has gotten almost 30-40inches of snow if you count the 2nd round happening right now. Yeck. I've already finished my homework and I've even cleaned out my entire kitches (sans the pantry. If I open the door there will be an avalanch, no joke) and even my room. I cleaned out my closet AND moved my room around and reorganized my makeup. How sad is that?

I was so bored I bothered my BFF to do a make up challenge with me. I'm too indecisive so I told her to come up with the theme and she chose Winter Wonderland.

Here is my take on it. It was more Ice/Snow Queen related hence why one side of my face is more blue toned. I did that on purpose, although I was going to paint some designs but I got side tracked and forgot what I was going to do so I just left if blank. .______.

Click on pictures for bigger version :)

Hope you enjoyyyyeeedddd! I'll still be snowed in tomorrow so if I'm bored enough I might do another and bother the BFF to do it with me again haha but we'll see.

If you would like to do this challenge please do! And if you do please send me the link to your post or pictures so I can link them back to here! :)

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Aaah! I hope the snow melts soon then!
No snow here... Just wind D;

And it's the Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero.

aw! i love the look on both you and your bff!! :)
it doesn't snow here in australia so lucky you guys!!!

It looks really good...very 'ice-queen'!

thanks girlies!♥

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