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Primer Showdown

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Hi everyone! I was going to combine the fotd and this post together but meh, it's probably easier for everyone to look up if they wanted to look at the labels and what not. Argh I'm blabbing. I need to go to sleep. So here it is,

Sorry for the multitudes of lighting. I was at home, then work, then it was too dark to get natural lighting. But lighting doesnt matter for this as long as you guys can see the creasing.

Now as you all know I have extremely oily skin so I get super greasy everywhere. I can't even wear eyeshadow without primer or else in 20min it's going to smudge and crease.

Initial thoughts: The ELF primer goes on so much more creamier than the UDPP. But I've had my UDPP for about 2 years now, this is the last of my stock so of course it's going to be a little dried out (just spray some fix+ and you're good). I don't really notice a difference in vibrancy between the two.

Final Verdict: UM, YES the ELF primer is a pretty darn close dupe to the UDPP. The creasing didn't start until after 8 hours (the UDPP lasted over 12 hours) and that is pretty darn good compared to other stuff like Too Faces shadow insurance for me. I am most definetly going to interchange this with my UDPP. HOWEVER I will not competely switch out UDPP if you have oily eyelids like I do. I would actually save it for more formal ocassions or times where the weather/humidity would work against you.

Repurchase: to both, HELLLL YEAH

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nice!! I got the studio line eye primer/sealer pen, and I was very pleasantly surprised

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