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Swarovski Goodies!

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Wow, it feels as if I haven't blogged in forever....but it's only been 3-4 days? I think. I'm going to take that as a good sign. Meaning I've grown attatched to updating this blog. :)

ANYWAYS so I received a package from Lisa from He Qi Crystal Designs on Saturday. But I didn't get a chance to open it (blame it on the stupid brother :P) until Sunday. I was so excited to open the package that I didn't get to take pictures of how well the package was packed. Even if you threw it around and kicked it, nothing would have happened to the awesome goodies inside it...not that I did that! ANYWAYS enough joking around. I purchased 2 pairs of earrings from her and a custom order necklace. The necklace hasn't come in yet but Lisa sent me a sneak peak and I'm excited! I'll post pictures up when I recieve it. Inside the package were care cards and a hand written note (eek! I heart hand written notes! They show that she cares ^.^)

I ordered two pairs of this earring. I'm only going to post one because the other is a gift to my friend who hasn't recieved them yet (and she does read this blog LOL) I'm sorry my pictures don't do it justice at ALL. But here's the detailed info about the earrings from her ecrater
Features 10mm SWAROVSKI Crystal hearts, 4mm bicones, 7mm roundelles, and 6mm pearls. Measures aprox. 4.5cm in length. Any color combo is pretty much available, please ask! Heart hooks are the top quality, heavy sterling silver.
At first I was a little iffy about ordering earing because I haven't worn earrings in over a year because my ears are super sensitive to things even with the SLIGHTLEST bit of nickle in them. I would break out in rashes all over my ear and down that side of the neck if the earring was dangly. But they were so pretty I couldn't resist, so I ordered them anyways. Don't worry I had a bottle of clear nail polish in hand if that really did happen. BUT BUT BUUUUUTTT to my amazement they didn't itch at all. I wore them to school today and nothing happened. I got completments on them and my skin didn't break out in a rash. That tells me that the stuff she uses to make her products are most definetly top quality. I'll most definetly be purchasing more items from her!

Here's how they look on me. They're alot more blingy in person. SO GORGEOUS.

If you guys wanna check out her site and see what other gorgeous products she has to offer check them out here

***btw, I was not paid or any of that sort to advertise her. This is because I am super satisfied with the products that I ordered :)

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Thanks so much, Annie =)
I can't wait for you to get your necklace!

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