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Colorful Look and ELF Mineral Eyeliner Review

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Products Used
Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation
ELF Studio blush in Tickled Pink

TKB Trading pigment in Blueberry POP
TKB Trading pigment in Grape POP
TKB Trading pigment in Raspberry POP
ELF Cream eyeshadow in Blueberry (the lighter shade)
ELF Mineral eyeliner in Ash (HATE THIS! ugh!)
ELF Mineral eyeshadow in Natural
Maybelline lash stylist mascara

Palmer's Cocoa butter swivel stick
ELF Mineral lipgloss in Pagent Princess


SIGH I feel the need to copy my post from soompi about the ELF mineral eyeliner. If you can't tell from the picture above, the liner transferred onto my crease within 3-4 minutes of being applied. GRR. I'm slightly annoyed because I didn't even use primer for that look (cuz I was just playing around with makeup) and even the eyeshadow didn't even crease yet. But the stupid liner already transferred. boo. I wasn't going to post up the FOTD because the closed eye picture annoys me but I'm going to anyways to show you guys how it creased. SIGH. I'm loving the color though.

ELF Mineral Eyeliner
Color: Comes in 4 colors, but I only have it in Ash
Rating: 3/10
Glides on really smoothly
no need for sharpening
Very easy to smudge (can be a con)
For those with sok ssangapul (hooded eyelids, ones that fold over so it kind of looks like a monolid) this is your number one enemy. Once you open your eyes it transfers onto your eyelid. Mind you this is AFTER I waited about 10-20 seconds for it to settle (this is a habit of mine whenever I use pencil liners)
Very easy to smudge (can be a pro I guess)
Not long lasting at all
Recommended/Repurchase: Maybe for people who don't have oily eyelids. Other than that I'm not that big of a fan of this eyeliner. I most definetly WILL NOT repurchase. Thank goodness I only bought one of these instead of all 4 -_____-

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WHOA! This is so beautiful! Amazing blending, and reminds me of a mermaid :D

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