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ELF Swatches part 2

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Warm Bronzer (Mixed Swatch on the bottom of my arm)
Golden Bronzer (Mixed swatch is on the right of my arm LOL)
Shimmer Palette (they're super creamy and glide on like a dreammmm :D)

That's all for now. I think I'm starting to get lazy with swatches haha. I feel so dirty having so many colors on my arm. I feel like I'm making the colors commit polygamy or something. LOL That's such a weird way to put it. But yeah I have alot of the other ELF studio products that I've already purchased before back in the day when they first launched the studio line. So if you guys want swatches of those just let me know. I think by now the only thing I don't have a a selected few shades of stuff if they come in multiple shades and the mascaras and the false eyelash kit. Feel free to requests! I get brain pooped on what to post sometimes haha :D

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