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Honey, Peace, and Graffiti♥

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Hello all, this is my first colorful tutorial! Oh man, I finished this faster than I thought I would. I took a 5 hour nap after work so I can't go back to sleep until about 2am-3am. SIGH. no more naps. Bad bad habit that I changed a long time ago. Now with school and work, it's been creeping up on me. Blahh. At least I finished editing the tutorial right? haha, anyways, I actually wore this out during the day so it's a little bit more toned down that I would have liked it to be but I like how it turned out none the less. :)
I hope everyone enjoyed!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Leave me some feedback :)

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Thanks for your detailed FOTD makeup!!
you look really gorgeous!

That's cute :]
Lots of interested colors in one look but it looks good! If I did this it'd probably look strange :[

You're so pretty!!! =) I cracked up on your #11 pic. Love how you put together the colors, they look subtle & gorgeous.

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