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Quick Update and Tutorial Preview!

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Hello Lovelies! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, but when I check it's actually only been 4 days. Garrr bad news, I had my camera taken away from me again. I can't find it anymore. Boo, my family has a nasty habit of taking things and not telling me....and also not returning them to their original place. SIGH So until I get it back I have resorted to webcam pictures.

So anyways, if you haven't already noticed from the title, yes I made another tutorial. This time it's with much more brighter colors as requested on soompi. I'm still in the process of editing them even though I did it a few days ago, but no worries they will be up soon. I've been staying at the library until 10pm everyday after work and class so it's really been biting into my schedule. But I've vowed that from 10pm-11pm I will work on my blog and tutorials so hopefully this tutorial (and many others to come!) will be up soon.

Anyways here's a small teaser of what to expect within the next few days ;)

again I apologize for my webcam's shatty quality. I'm trying my best to work with what I have. :(

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Hey Dear~ Thank you for stoppin by my blog! The falsh lashes I used in the Smokey Look are ELF's Dramatic Lashes =)

awww my family does the same. They'll take my stuff w/o telling me so I can't find it.

I read your Maybelline Super Stay foundation review.. and I really want to try it regardless! haha but I was wondering.. I'm Revlon Colorstay Buff/Sand Beige but I'm not too sure as to what shade I am in Maybelline Superstay. I swatched it at Walmart but it seems like all the shades before Nude has a pinkish undertone.. and Nude is definitely going to be too dark on me.
According to the swatches in the picture below,

which one do u think has a yellow undertone? I was thinking maybe Sand Beige or Classic Ivory?

From the swatches, I think nude is definitely the only one with a real yellow undertone. All of the shades before Nude have pink tones except for sand beige. But that one has more of a neutral ashy tone to it. So it might make you look a little dull like some BB Creams out there. But that's better than pink in my opinion. I'm not sure what shade your revlon shade is closest to because I'm way darker than you haha, but I think from nude to the lighter shades, undertonewise I think you should go for Sand Beige. I hope that helped! :)

Let me know how it works for you! :)

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