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What to do with False Lashes that are too long?

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Hello all! So I've come across a dilemma with my false lashes. The most recent ones that I purchased from iheartredcherry.com were super long, both the length of the lash hairs AND the length of the false eyelashes themselves. So I didn't know what to do with them. If I cut the eyelashes themselves then the hairs would be too long. But it's also too much effort to cut them both because knowing me I ALWAYS mess up somehow.

BUT I've recently discovered a method to put these way too big lashes to use. I've heard of cutting them in half but I never really understood the concept. I figured they would look too obvious because I lack eyelash hairs and sticking only HALF a strip of false eyelashes on my eye would make it so obvious. But with the ones that I bought (the #217 lashes), it works because the false eyelashes themselves are pretty natural looking but there's obvious volume. It's very natural looking minus the super obvious lengthening.

So basically the point of this entry was, if your false eyelashes are too long, cut them in half and use them on your outer corners. Haha sorry. Went off on a tangent.

Putting them on your outer corner ensures gradual volume and length as opposed to the whole strip. Not to mention 1 pair of falsies I can use twice as long ;D
Here's an example my lashes with and without the half falsies

Left eyes are with the half falsies, right eyes are without.

Both eyes with half falsies

***A little tip for falsie application: Everyone that I've seen always applies mascara to their lashes AFTER they place their falsies on. But I personally apply my mascara on BEFORE falsie application because I feel that it blends my lashes into my falsies without ruining the falsies :)
And to save time, I apply mascara while I'm waiting for the glue on my falsies to get tacky.

Anyways I hope this entry helped anyone that was in the same dilemma as me. :)

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I always wanted to try red cherry lashes! Your lashes look super long and nice. :D

I'm totally gonna try that tip! :)

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