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Review: Red Cherry Lashes #213

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DARN. After the last post I lost my eyelash adhesive so I haven't been wearing falsies all of this week. haha boo fails. But anyways here are a picture of how long the Red Cherry Lashes #213 are. I'm most likely going to do length comparisons in the nearby future when I can get my lazy butt out to the drugstore to get eyelash adhesive.

From this angle you can definitely tell that I'm wearing falsies. Heck you can even see the bone of the false eyelashes! Anyways (if my eyeliner were darker it wouldn't do that haha boos) you can tell that besides the bone they actually look pretty natural and blend fairly well with my natural lashes. These are actually very comfortable to wear. The bone doesn't stab my inner corner as much as others. They are a bit long though so I did do some trimming. Other than that. I believe these are one of the most natural yet volumizing lashes that I have ever used. Compared to my ardell invisibands these are a little more dramatic, in a natural way. By dramatic I really mean volumizing because the invisibands are a little thin for my taste.

I really reccomend everyone trying these out. They DO need a little trimming if you have smaller eyes but they're also very cheap so that's okay! They cost about $1.49 each, compared to invisibands which I used to get for about $2.59 I believe. And that's the cheapest price for them that I've ever seen too. :)

Hope this helped anyone

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