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Spirited Tutorial!

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Woah! 2 days in a row, I'm on a roll with updating! Well.....I guess that's all thanks to not paying attention in class + laptop so.... Anways, I think I've completed my new tutorial format. There's still a few tweaking to do for different situations like if I were to post a whole face tutorial but I'll work on that when it the scenario comes up. So here is the tutorial! The lighting's a little off and washed out because I did it at night and with my webcam because it's easier for me but I'll try to make a tutorial that's been done during the day with GOOD lighting.....or just suck it up and use my digital camera. T___T So I hope you enjoy! Let me know how you like this new format. It's a lot easier for me to make so if it all works out I'll keep this format and make more tutorials! :D

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**Whoops. Forgot the inbetween step. BLEND!

The End! I hope you liked it!
Please let me know what you think of this format :)

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nice tutorial! :)

thanks for the tutorial :)

Hi Love,
YEA...that would be amazing hehehee just let me know...
&& I like your picture tutorial...its very clear and easy to understand hehehee

update, ho!

nice tutorial =) btw im a sister from delta chapter =P i found your blog on nationals haha. i think its easier if you do a video tutorial and upload from youtube or something. you wont have to edit it as much =P

I love your blog. Will be following now. Haha. - Sister from Upsilon Chapter <3


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