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50+ Followers Giveaway!

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LONG TIME NO POSTTTT!! Sorry lovelies! I've been in and out of phases. A lot has gone on since the last time I posted. Here's just a tiny-weenie update on my life. Nothing really make-up related except for 10pan fail once again haha.
  1. It's now officially summer vacayyy!
  2. Summer classes has begun. But I'm not taking any hard classes because...
  3. I GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOOLLLLLLLL!! Yayy no more stress from pre-reqs and waiting for the acceptance/rejection letter to come.
  4. I rewarded myself by buying makeup.
  5. Project 10pan never reached 10pan before I purchased makeup. I did however reach ~5-6 empty products haha closer than last time
  6. I went to the Bahamas with the BFF to celebrate and relax from a stressful semester
  7. I got a $2 raise at my job. (haha HR's objective is to keep me working through nursing school.....meh, I'll think about it)
  8. Purchased many make up related objects but over a span of time. I'll slowly introduce them into the blog via reviews/collective haul posts.
That's pretty much what has happened in my life in the 2-3months that I've dropped off the face of this blog. haha how sad. I MISSED YOU ALLLLLL. AND THEREFOREEEEE.......

I introduce to you...

I promised to host a giveaway a while back to celebrate my 50+ followers, but then I went on a blogging hiatus (and I didn't tell you guys! SO SORRRYYYYYY T___T) and I never got around to doing it but because I miss you all so very very much, I'm finally hosting my giveaway! Any hello to you new (and old!) followers to my blog! I want to thank you guys so much for supporting me throughout all this time and put up with my sporatic and random blogging. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE. I hope everyone enters! Here are the rules
  1. Must be a follower. This is a Follower appreciation Giveaway so you MUST be a follower.
  2. Must be 18+, if not please have a parent's consent to enter.
  3. Only U.S. and Canadian Residents please (Sorry international followers! Not this time, but hang on very tight! I have something special planned for you coming up soon :) )
  4. Please leave a comment on THIS POST saying what you would like from my blog and what you would like to see more of. If you advertise this giveaway please include a link!
As you can see in the picy above for this giveaway I've included an Urban Decay Deslick Oil Contril Makeup Gel and a Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate. I'm going to throw in little goodies but those are the main stuffs for you to look forward to.

Please join! The deadline is June 30th, 2010.

and THANK YOU ALL AGAIIIINNNNNNN for supporting me all this way :)


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Hi! I'm a new follower, but I've been reading through the FOTD and natural look posts and loving them <3

I personally want to see more tutorials =) and I posted this contest on my sidebar: http://reverie.tyl.cc/

Email: xryuusei@gmail.com

Thanks ^^;;


Congrats on 50 followers ;D Found your blog off your Soompi post. I'd love to see swatch posts. It's always nice to see how products turn out on different skin tones.

Heyy :) You finally updated! I missed reading this blog ^^
I would love to see more in depth reviews with swatches. You post hauls but reviews following those would be greta! I think you take great pictures and it would be nice to see more close up pictures of products :)

Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

I'm a follower :]
Congrats on 50+ followers! ^__^
I would love to see more reviews on makeup and maybe skincare products.
I linked your giveaway in my sidebar.

Hi, I'm a follower.

I want to see more reviews on makeup products also. And can I ask if you can do reviews on BB cream products? I want to try them but I don't know which kind best match my skin.

Congratulations :D
i read your blog but never clicked follow, so now i`m an official follower :P
i would like to see more reviews on products [skincare, makeup, haircare, etc.] as well as swatches b/c you have a very similar skintone to me :]
thanks for hosting this giveaway!

I like reading blogs mainly for reviews and Project 10 Pan. You can never have too many reviews and swatches! :P

I'd love to see more reviews and swatches! I'm loving your EOTDs and FOTDs though :)

You should post this in the soompi blog giveaway thread.

+ Celeb inspired looks

Hey :) Just made my google account a while ago so I'm new to following~ but I really love your natural look posts and your hauls are probably my favorite :D
I'd like to see some skin care or tip posts, maybe hair too? But I like reading your reviews, you're really informative :D

Posted on my twitter :)

Hii :D
A new follower, but your eye tutorials are so thorough, they're great! It'd be nice to see more color swatches from all those makeups you've posted!

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Congrats on the $2 raise!! :)

I'm ecstatic about this giveaway because of the Urban Decay De Slick goodie! I'm a HUGE fan of UD & it would be great to add this to my collection.

I like the swatch posts on your sites since they give me an idea of what they look like. We have similar colorings. :)

I would love to see a variety of posts not limited to makeup. Maybe skincare? :D

email: joanna.kuang@gmail.com

I shared the news of this giveaway on my public twitter: http://twitter.com/joannakuang

New follower as well!
Would love to see more tutorials!

Congrats getting into nursing school! I bet you're stoked about it... hehe~

Also congrats with 50+ followers! I know that's a big accomplishment... hehe~ I've been a follower for some time I believe. :X I don't remember because I have short memory... lol~

What I like to see from your blog? To be honest, one of the things I'm interested is reviews. I like reading about products to avoid and what products to buy. Just like you, I'm a makeup obsess. :D

I really enjoy reading reviews because I like to find out about the products before I buy them. I also love your step-by-step tutorial and would love to see more of them! =D

I like how most of your FOTDs are very natural looking.
Love the watercolor paint theme, too, even though I'm horrible at the stuff lol
I'd like to see more reviews and hauls~ I can't get enough of looking at what people bought.

Congrats on your raise and 50+!!
I LOVE your tutorials since they seem to fit my face as well. I'd like to see more reviews because it lets me know what products to go for and which to avoid.

Hi! New follower from your soompi post :] I'm loving your reviews, hauls and project 10 pan posts!

I be your follower 83! Haha, I found out about your blog on Soompi. :) I love love reviews! Keep them coming, please? Also, have to comment on your makeup collection O_O Holy cow... I think I could fit all my makeup in one of your drawers, that's amazing! XD

I absolutely love your product reviews. We sort of have the same skin so it's really good to know what is right for my skin.

I really like your natural looks, and monthly faves. You can never have too many reviews (those are nice, i'll know which to buy and which not to buy)

yay giveaway! I would like to see more hauls and tutorials. Oh and congrats on that $2 raise. haha.

btw, i'm having a blog sale on my blog. Check it out: http://aimeehx3.wordpress.com

Congrats on your 50 followers.
I am a follower of your blog.
Email- kssn31@gmail.com

I blogged your giveaway in my blog.

I love to see posts on face masks in your blog.

hi, there! i found your blog through soompi and i've been reading it for awhile now but just recently started 'following' officially :) your giveaway prize looks amazing! anyway, what i'd like to see from your blog is more swatches! i love looking at swatches so i could compare/plan my next purchases lol oh and more blog updates of course! <3

wow, what an amazing giveaway, Urban Decay is my favorite makeup brand and I've always wanted the Korres Lip Butter! It's like you read my mind! x3

I just found your blog and I love your reviews! I'd love to see more of your cool tutorials! :)

I followed you on gfc as Grace Wong!

please check out my new blog too!

Email: Susi.jin@gmail.com

congrats for the 50+ subscribers!! :)
And you got into nursing school?! : D that's amazing!
I hope you update us about what nursing school is like. : D
I love looking at your swatches!
I also enjoy looking at your reviews.

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